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Tour Dates 

Hey loves!

I hope you all are well and having a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend. So much has happened since I last updated you!!! I know, I have to do better and I will do a more detailed update soon. However, this post is strictly about the See Yourself Tour!!! We're so excited that it's happening and we have the tour dates for the summer leg finalized!

We also have two detailed flyers for the first two cities. The others are forthcoming, but I can't believe this is really happening! I feel so blessed and fortunate to go on tour with my Reflective family. I'm excited about the future and what we're going to accomplish. I want you all to come out if and when you can!!! And if you want to see the tour in your city, but don't see it listed here, the team is working on the second leg so contact them by emailing the address on the bottom right of the flyer!!!

Love you guys!


Hey everyone! More news! More news! 

Hey Everyone!

As promised I'm updating you guys even more about some great news I received. Some of you may (or may not) know, but I received the WomenInCharg3 Award this past Sept for Best R&B in Atlanta. Well, I will be returning to Atlanta for the WomenInCharg3 Music Festival this upcoming April, and the CEO of this independent Radio station, Satoa Raymond, has informed me that I will also be the headliner of the festival!!! Amazing! This comes in light of Reflective Music announcing that next summer there will be a "See Yourself" Midwest tour. I, along with a few other label mates, will be coming to a city near you, so please stay tuned for upcoming dates and locations. 

Its been one hell of year, thru a lot of highs and lows (RIP mommy), but I know God is molding me for bigger and better. I see that thru every accomplishment i've received this year, but 2016? i'm ready for YOU! 

Thats it for now.
Peace and love! 

Ashley Laschelle

New Single: Only Girl feat. Mr. Talented 

Hi guys!

Finally, my new single "Only Girl" feat. Mr. Talented is out!!! It's already been added to WomenInCharg3 Radio and it's getting the Chicago radio premiere tomorrow on TruStar Radio!!! I'm very excited about everything that is happening in my career!!! Let's make this happen!!! You can download it for free on the website or go to soundcloud!!! :-)

Love you all,



i know its been a while (not too long) but i wanted to keep you all up to date on the happenings going on. So, some of you may or may not know but I am currently working on my 3rd project now *new music* and so far i'm so excited with the way things are going. New producers, new sound, but staying true to that soulful sound i'm known for. With that being said, My new single "Only Girl" featuring Mr. Talented drops on Nov 20th! yep you've read right, new music is coming in a few days! this is a banger and i'm excited for you all to hear it. 

Also, I'm performing on Nov 22nd at the House of Blues Chicago (i know right? big stuff) and i'm so excited for that. This has been one heck of a year, and i'm truly Blessed for every opportunity that i've been given. There are still a few (about 5) tickets left for those that are in Chicago and would like to see me give you a SHOW! live band, phenomenal bgvs (hey Dre, Trina, and Christal! :) ) and i'm pulling out some surprises as well. Please contact myself or Andre DuBois if you would like to purchase your tickets. 

Soon much going on but thank you all So much again for rocking with me. You are all appreciated greatly. Thank you and i'll be talking to you soon! Remember. 11/20. Only Girl. New Single. Get ready. :) 

Love ya! 
Ashley Laschelle

Still Can't Believe It 

It's hard to believe that only two years ago, I was still putting the finishing touches on Letting Go. Back then, I was the only artist on Reflective Music and the team consisted of three people. The following month, I released the album and did my first solo concert as Ashley Laschelle. A few months later, the squad grew like crazy and my career really went into motion. Since then, I've performed all over Chicago (including two theatrical appearances), I've been featured on a couple of amazing Hip-Hop albums, my network has expanded like crazy, I've grown as a writer/producer/performer, and I've even started working on my next project. But even I wasn't expecting what happened to me this month.

During the Labor Day Weekend, I was blessed and honored to perform at the WomeninCharg3 Awards in Atlanta and win the first WomenInCharg3 R&B Artist Award! I was just thankful to be acknowledged and was totally caught off guard when my name was called. There was amazing talent in the room and I made some awesome connections, including the CEO of WomeninCharg3, Satoa Raymond and her beautiful family. The best part of it, though, was I got to share it with some of the most important people to me. Andre and Christian from Reflective Music were with me that weekend, as well as my best friend Marquita Brown. Each of them helped me get ready and were incredibly supportive the whole time. It's amazing to see "Award-Winner" next to my name now. I'm still getting used to it. Lol.

All of this has me ready for the next steps in my career. I have a couple small shows coming up and my team is working on some things for me. I promise I won't keep you guys waiting on new material for too much longer. Thank you so much for your continuous support and for voting for me for the WomeninCharg3 Awards. I am so excited about the future and all the things God has in store for me. You guys stay safe, stay in tune, and love each other. I'll be back with announcements soon. ;-)


On Break, But...... 

So, I know I said I'm on break while I work on this new material, and I am!!! Outside of performing in Slow Jams, Vol. 1: From Loss to Love and singing for D2G's birthday (he is my brother, after all), I haven't been in the public eye much. However, that doesn't mean I should be unprepared when I DO step back on stage for a new Ashley Laschelle show!!! That being said, I'm interested in those who can really sing background these days!!! Don't get me wrong, I have some wonderful background singers that I love to call on, but I'm well aware that people get busy and can't just be at my beck and call. So, I want to add to my BGV roladex!!! If you have skills and are sensitive to the art of blending, let us know!!! Look forward to hearing from you all!!!


Hiatus... kinda  

Hey Everyone! 

Hope all is well! I'm writing you all to update you on some things on my journey. My last tentative live show was on 5/15 at Underground Wonder Bar. It was a great turnout, so thanks to all who came out to support. Now, I'm pretty sure you all are wondering why was that my last live show? Well.. I am *drumroll please* working on a new project!!!

That's right! I'm in the pre-production stage on my new project, meeting with new producers and writing new music. I'm very excited about this one. It's a new feeling and atmosphere from where Letting Go was. I'm in a different place as well. The growth from the time Letting Go was made 'til now is unbelievable!!! So, I'm looking forward to it. That is taking up my time so I really need to focus on bringing you all a great project and a feel good one.

Now, although I wont be doing my own live shows, I will be in a new production titled Slow Jams, Vol. 1: From Loss to Love with some familiar faces from my own shows.  We are going to be giving you all some great flashback songs and a great show. Tickets for that are available now (i'll put a link up for everyone to purchase.)
Soooo yeah.. lots of good things on the horizon. Hope you all stay tuned for more updates, BTS videos and pics to come. Thank you all again for your support. Talk to you soon!!! :-) 

*Ashley Laschelle*


Ashley Laschelle's newest single from the Letting Go album, Mountaintop, will be available for streaming and free download via her Soundcloud page on Tuesday, April 21st. Written by Chelsea "iamchelseaiam" Johnson and produced by Andre DuBois for Reflective Music, LLC, "Mountaintop" has become a fan favorite at Ashley's live shows and she is very excited to share it with radio and her large group of supporters!!!

UPDATE: "Mountaintop" was released on Tuesday, the 21st!!! Available for free streaming and download now!!! 

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See Yourself Tour (Toronto feat. Mickey Blue)

 —  —

Supermarket Restaurant & Bar, 268 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON

Reflective Music goes international for the first time as they cross the border into Canada!!!

Starring D2G Ashley Laschelle Magix King Isaiah Jones

Featuring Toronto's Own Mickey Blue!!!

See Yourself Tour (Kansas City)

 —  —

Prohibition Hall, 1118 McGee St, Kansas City, MO

Reflective Music makes their debut in Kansas City on the See Yourself Tour!!!

Starring: D2G Ashley Laschelle Magix King Isaiah Jones Mr. Talented With Katrina Valene

Featuring Special Guests: Johnny Kilroy Bre the 1st Lady

Sounds by: DJ Mos Precious

See Yourself Tour (Milwaukee)

 —  —

Riverwest Public House Cooperative, 815 E Locust St, Milwaukee, WI

Reflective Music returns to the Riverwest Public House in Milwaukee to make some great music with great people!!!

Starring: D2G Ashley Laschelle Magix King Mr. Talented With Katrina Valene

Featuring Special Guests: AR Wesley B-Free Johnny Kilroy

See Yourself Tour (Chicago)

 —  —

Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL

Reflective Music returns to Chicago to close the tour. Joined by Grassroots 312, we plan on doing it for the hometown!!!

Starring: D2G Ashley Laschelle Magix King Mr. Talented Isaiah Jones Taylor Mallory Katrina Valene Deshawn Flaire Bianca Shaw Shahidah (Detroit)