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On Break, But...... 

So, I know I said I'm on break while I work on this new material, and I am!!! Outside of performing in Slow Jams, Vol. 1: From Loss to Love and singing for D2G's birthday (he is my brother, after all), I haven't been in the public eye much. However, that doesn't mean I should be unprepared when I DO step back on stage for a new Ashley Laschelle show!!! That being said, I'm interested in those who can really sing background these days!!! Don't get me wrong, I have some wonderful background singers that I love to call on, but I'm well aware that people get busy and can't just be at my beck and call. So, I want to add to my BGV roladex!!! If you have skills and are sensitive to the art of blending, let us know!!! Look forward to hearing from you all!!!


Hiatus... kinda  

Hey Everyone! 

Hope all is well! I'm writing you all to update you on some things on my journey. My last tentative live show was on 5/15 at Underground Wonder Bar. It was a great turnout, so thanks to all who came out to support. Now, I'm pretty sure you all are wondering why was that my last live show? Well.. I am *drumroll please* working on a new project!!!

That's right! I'm in the pre-production stage on my new project, meeting with new producers and writing new music. I'm very excited about this one. It's a new feeling and atmosphere from where Letting Go was. I'm in a different place as well. The growth from the time Letting Go was made 'til now is unbelievable!!! So, I'm looking forward to it. That is taking up my time so I really need to focus on bringing you all a great project and a feel good one.

Now, although I wont be doing my own live shows, I will be in a new production titled Slow Jams, Vol. 1: From Loss to Love with some familiar faces from my own shows.  We are going to be giving you all some great flashback songs and a great show. Tickets for that are available now (i'll put a link up for everyone to purchase.)
Soooo yeah.. lots of good things on the horizon. Hope you all stay tuned for more updates, BTS videos and pics to come. Thank you all again for your support. Talk to you soon!!! :-) 

*Ashley Laschelle*


Ashley Laschelle's newest single from the Letting Go album, Mountaintop, will be available for streaming and free download via her Soundcloud page on Tuesday, April 21st. Written by Chelsea "iamchelseaiam" Johnson and produced by Andre DuBois for Reflective Music, LLC, "Mountaintop" has become a fan favorite at Ashley's live shows and she is very excited to share it with radio and her large group of supporters!!!

UPDATE: "Mountaintop" was released on Tuesday, the 21st!!! Available for free streaming and download now!!! 

New Site!!! 

Hey Everyone!!!

Welcome to my new website! A lot has happened since I’ve blogged last, but let me fill you all in. I’m still performing with my full band at Underground Wonder Bar. The next show you don’t want to miss is May 15th at 8pm with special guests, D2G and Isaiah Jones. It's gonna be a great show with brand new songs. If you haven’t been to an Ashley Laschelle show, you are in for one hell of a night!!!

Recently, I was nominated for the Women in Charge award for R&B by WomeninCharg3 Radio. It's a female independent artist radio station based out of that encourages the empowerment of women. I am now a finalist for this award and will be heading down to Altanta for the award show this Labor Day weekend. I want to thank all of the Reflective Music staff and artists, as well as all my supporters who voted for me. I hope to make you all proud!

Lastly (told you all it was a lot of news),  I will be releasing my next single from my Letting Go album (which is available on iTunes, Spotify,Amazon, Google Play, as well as many other digital reatailers, and physical copies are for purchase) titled “Mountaintop”. This one is a crowd fav when performed live as well as the album version.  It was written by Chelsea “Iamchelseaiam” Johnson and produced by the CEO of Reflective Music, Andre DuBois. I hope you all enjoy.

That’s it for now. But stay tuned as you can see lots of things are happening so I will be having more updates to come and soon.

Peace and love,

Ashley Laschelle



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WomeninCharg3 Awards

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Marietta Performing Arts Center, 1171 Whitlock Ave, Marietta, GA

Celebrating the best in Women who are Independent Musical Artist all genres. pop,rock,country,rnb,hip hop,gospel. Come out and have a great time there will be live performances.Formal Attire is required Dress to impress.

$40 Age limit: 18+ or w/adult