happy new year everyone! Still reflecting on the past year and how much has happened (Reflective music tour, headlining WomeninCharg3 festival), but i'm even more excited about this year.... who's ready for a new project??? me too! i'm taking a hiatus from performing to focus solely on finishing the "Beautiful" ep to bring to you all in the coming months. I have so many fresh producers and writers on this one, the feel is very different from the Ashley Laschelle sound so many people are used to. I'm really ready for the transition this year will bring. I have a few announcements that i need to wait to speak on, but the main announcement is the ep is in the works. I will keep you all updated and share some behind the scenes footage of the making of it. 
that's all for now, but I will talk to you all really soon! :) 

Ashley Laschelle

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  • Julia
    Julia Chicago
    Your voice is refreshing and beautiful!!!

    Your voice is refreshing and beautiful!!!

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