WomenInCharg3 Award-Winner Ashley Laschelle was born and raised in Chicago, IL. As a youth, she listened to many of the soulful oldies played at home by her parents, which have come to largely define who she is as an artist today. Although her talent was presented at a very early stage in her life, it was at nine years old that Ashley began vocal training for jazz performance. Performing with the All City Youth Chorus lasted for six years and carried on through high school where she then performed with the All City High School Chorus. To enhance her talent and make continuous steps toward fulfilling her dream of becoming an internationally appreciated voice, she continued her education at Columbia College Chicago. It was there that Ashley truly found her voice and grew comfortable enough to push past boundaries.
After releasing The Introduction in 2011, Ashley Laschelle continued to pad her resume by singing in theatrical productions and providing background vocals for several of Chicago's finest independent artists, including Natalie Oliveri, Sarah Marie Young, Nicole Garza, Pat Smillie, and Pennjamin Bannekar. She has also been recognized as the first African-American to sing a solo at the Burnaby Lyric Opera in British Columbia, Canada. After teaming up with Reflective Music, LLC, Ashley released her sophomore project Letting Go and went on to win the WomenInCharg3 R&B Award in 2015 and 2017. After spending years doing features for her peers, she is currently in the studio completing her third album, slated for release in 2019.