“Through influences like Aretha Franklin and Yolanda Adams, Ashley Laschelle looks to tell a soulful story that we can relate to. So far, she’s doing a great job, by letting her vocals lead the track, instead of drowning her out, like some artist tend to do.” - Joyce Sparks for Underground Joyride.

“No matter what type of mood you’re in, Ashley Laschelle knows how to sing you in better spirits.” - Kia Smith for All Hail the Kween.

“Why She’s Dope: Well, this woman is like a songbird on a dreary day. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but she’s a beautiful person as well, and I even got the privilege to interview her over the summer. She’s also dope because she’s just so ambitious, and she always puts out quality work, and you can tell through her relentless work ethic. My Favorite From Her : Recently, she has released a new single, and not only did I play it for the rest of the night when it landed in my email, but it also made me super thirsty for her upcoming album Letting Go, which is dropping soon. Until then PLEASE listen to I Choose Love” - Kia Smith for All Hail the Kween.

“Chicago songstress Ashley Laschelle dropped her long awaited debut album Letting Go back in October. Ashley is serving up classic R&B vocals on this project with tracks like “Finally Free”, “Fed Up” and the title track “Let Go”. Sista girl lets her church roots shine on songs like “The Climb” and “Mountaintop”. Ashley and her Reflective Music team put together a nice easy listen on this album so if you’ve been missing that classic 90′s R&B feeling in your spirit be sure to check this young lady out.” - Brandi Nicole for Proclaimed Truth.

“Her first LP Letting Go (not fully represented) tells a story about womanhood and coming of age. Produced by Andre DuBois, Ashley did indeed let go of fear and replenish her presence with self-confidence, and faith.”  - Kendra Marie for Call the Press.

“As we toast to the New Year, Reflective Music releases the feel- good inspirational, “Finally Free” featuring their songstress, Ashley Laschelle, and featuring Mz. Notra (KTF) and Sarah Marie Young, what a collaboration. Written by Andre DuBois and Daniel Tabion, “Finally Free” was produced and mastered in Chicago. The song is meant to speak to those who are letting negative impacts hold them back and distract them from their greatness.” - Joyce Sparks for Underground Joyride.

“R&B Music comes full circle with the sensational songstress Ashley Laschelle who delivers powerful performances with each note she sings. It is her passion for the popular genre that comes through in her stage performances and in the lyrics she writes. This is why our publication is loving the music of R&B Singer/Songwriter Ashley Laschelle. Are you ready to discover a gem in the music industry? Then look no further. Meet Ashley Laschelle who promises to entertain music lovers from all over the world.” - Isaac Davis, Jr. for Junior's Cave Blog.

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