Hiatus... kinda

Hey Everyone! 

Hope all is well! I'm writing you all to update you on some things on my journey. My last tentative live show was on 5/15 at Underground Wonder Bar. It was a great turnout, so thanks to all who came out to support. Now, I'm pretty sure you all are wondering why was that my last live show? Well.. I am *drumroll please* working on a new project!!!

That's right! I'm in the pre-production stage on my new project, meeting with new producers and writing new music. I'm very excited about this one. It's a new feeling and atmosphere from where Letting Go was. I'm in a different place as well. The growth from the time Letting Go was made 'til now is unbelievable!!! So, I'm looking forward to it. That is taking up my time so I really need to focus on bringing you all a great project and a feel good one.

Now, although I wont be doing my own live shows, I will be in a new production titled Slow Jams, Vol. 1: From Loss to Love with some familiar faces from my own shows.  We are going to be giving you all some great flashback songs and a great show. Tickets for that are available now (i'll put a link up for everyone to purchase.)
Soooo yeah.. lots of good things on the horizon. Hope you all stay tuned for more updates, BTS videos and pics to come. Thank you all again for your support. Talk to you soon!!! :-) 

*Ashley Laschelle*