and now we wait..

Hey everyone! 

just wanted to keep you all updated on the progress of the new project. we are fully in production and i'm very excited for the new sound and style of this project. 

not steering away from the likeness of "this feeling" and a few other fan favorites but its good to think outside the box. And "Beautiful" does just that.  Without revealing too much I want to say the new producers and writers and artists  lending a hand toward the making of this project are not going to disappoint. The latest single "soulmate" is nominated for this year's Womenincharg3 award and I couldnt be more elated to go back to ATL this July. Polls have officially closed to vote so THANK YOU everyone who voted, or shared the link to vote. I appreciate you! Just a few more months until "Beautiful" is released :) stay tuned for more updates on the progress and surprise shows! 


Ashley Laschelle*