On Break, But......

So, I know I said I'm on break while I work on this new material, and I am!!! Outside of performing in Slow Jams, Vol. 1: From Loss to Love and singing for D2G's birthday (he is my brother, after all), I haven't been in the public eye much. However, that doesn't mean I should be unprepared when I DO step back on stage for a new Ashley Laschelle show!!! That being said, I'm interested in those who can really sing background these days!!! Don't get me wrong, I have some wonderful background singers that I love to call on, but I'm well aware that people get busy and can't just be at my beck and call. So, I want to add to my BGV roladex!!! If you have skills and are sensitive to the art of blending, let us know!!! Look forward to hearing from you all!!!